Ron’s Messianic Jewish Teachings
A Jewish Perspective
The Restoration of Israel- See the relationship between Yeshua’s (Jesus’) return and the salvation of Israel (Romans 11).
Forsaking All to Follow Yeshua- Abraham did it. The disciples did it. Hear how Ron Goldberg did it, so you can too.
Jewish Outreach-Many Jewish people ask the same questions. Non-Jewish people often ask the same questions, they’re just worded differently. If you want to talk with Jewish (and non-Jewish) people you should be ready to answer the following questions:
- Does the Messiah rule as King or suffer and die?
- How can the Messiah be a king and a priest?
- How can the Messiah be born of a Virgin?
- Is the Messiah man or God?
- Does God have a Son?
The Feasts of the Lord
Christ in the Passover-Yeshua: the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
Searching for Chometz-Prepare yourself to celebrate Passover and the Resurrection of Messiah by removing all yeast (or sin) from your life.
Tikkun Shavu'ot- (Preparing oneself for Pentecost) Cleanse yourself so that you can be filled and empowered by the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit).
The Feast of Trumpets-Get ready for the shofar call and Yeshua's return.
Yom Kippur/The Day of Atonement-Do you have assurance that your sins are forgiven?
Yom Kippur: The Book of Life- What is the Book of Life and how can your name be sealed in it?
Sukkot/The Feast of Tabernacles-Is earth just a temporary dwelling or home for you?
Chanukah: The Feast of Dedication- During this Feast of Dedication dedicate your life to the One Who gave Himself for you.
Let your Light Shine-This Season of Lights let your light shine brightly.
Other Teachings
From the Ghetto to the Palace- Look at the Book of Esther and see how God can take you from the Ghetto to the Palace.
The Shofar: A Weapon of Warfare-Learn how to use the shofar as a weapon of warfare.
**These teachings can be done independently or as part of a series.**
Rites of Passage- “Today I became a man!” In 1976 I said these words before my friends and family while celebrating my Bar Mitzvah (Son of the Commandment). These words begin many Bar Mitzvah speeches. But how does someone become a man (or woman)? It doesn’t just happen when you reach a magical age. In some ethnic groups there are still rites of passage to help their children become adults. In some communities children are trained by their dads to take over the family business when they get older. Invite Ron to share how you can create rites of passage.
Equipping for Evangelism- Would you like to see your group involved in more outreach? Not certain what’s the “right” way for your group to reach out? Invite Ron to train you in evangelism. He will share from over 20 years of personal experience, and include new insights from what he’s presently learning. He will show you different ways you can reach out so you can decide what works best for you. Ron is willing to meet with your leadership and help you come up with a plan for outreach and he is willing to join you when you do it.
The Five Love Languages- “He is a great provider, BUT he doesn’t spend any time with me.” Sound familiar? Want to learn how to speak your loved one's love language so your relationships can change? At these workshops you will learn:
- the five love languages
- how to identify a person’s primary love language
- different ways of speaking each love language
The Tabernacle- "Then have them make a sanctuary for Me, and I will dwell among them. Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you.” (Exodus 25:8-9) God spoke to Moses and told him to build a tabernacle like the one in heaven. Since it is modeled exactly like the one in heaven and God also showed them how to worship Him there are many valuable lessons we can find when we study the Tabernacle. Invite Ron to teach a series on the Tabernacle and learn these lessons for yourself.
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